Living and studying in Canada

Let’s face it. When you go looking for a study abroad destination, there are a lot of options available to you. But let’s say you want to get your education Read More

Our Students' Achievements

Every year, graduates of Canadian Student Center contribute to prominent Canadian startups. In 2020 they have participated in developing such startups as Coveo (Christine Brett, Jennifer Andrusyszyn), Element AI (Jocelyn Sevigny, Juntaek Oh), Miovision (Kurt Mehnert, Ryan Thomas Woods), TrackTik (Eisa Alhabib, Shelby Jamieson, Joanita N. Muwanga), Kira Systems (Melissa Crichton) and many others.

World VIU Days

Every year Vancouver Island University celebrates and showcases its international activities with World VIU Days. Watch this video to join VIU in raising awareness and building appreciation for the cultural Read More

Celebrate World Student Day with Student Center!

An international student experience is something truly amazing. Time and time again, Canadian and international students report to Student Center that their international student experience helped them grown personally, academically, Read More