FIFA World Cup at Centennial College: Will you share in the excitement?

Kicking off on June 12  in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 32 countries will battle for the prestigious right to call themselves this year’s FIFA World Cup football champions! 

Personally, I have never really enjoyed playing soccer; I believe I bruised more ankles than scored goals. Despite my own lack of athletic talent, every four years I can’t help but become swept up in the exhilarating support for this global competition here in Toronto.

Who can forget the victorious honking horns in neighbourhoods throughout the Greater Toronto Area at all hours of the night? We are global citizens and this competition is truly breaking down barriers with our mutual love of the game.

Cheers will not only be found on the streets but within our post-secondary institutions. International students across the country will be cheering for this year’s teams. I am lucky to work at Centennial College with over 5,000 International Students from 104 different countries; we are a community full of global citizens who are gearing up to enjoy the games throughout the months of June and July.

The following infographic depicts just how many of Canada’s international students will have a home country to cheer for in this year’s competition:

Our students are asking each other “Where will you be cheering?” and “Who will you be cheering for?” 

“I will be cheering for Germany in downtown Toronto with my friends. Football to me is the most beautiful game in the world.”(Tomas De Gracia, Panamanian student, Aircraft Maintenance, Centennial College).


“I am going to go to a local bar with some friends, drink some beer and will cheer on Korea. I am a fan of all sports, and can’t wait for the cup to start.” (Wonjoon Lee, Korean student, Digital Animation, Centennial College).

All across our campus, international students are sharing their love of the game with each other, experiencing World Cup in a whole new way:

“Watching the World Cup away from my country will be a very intense experience. Because this cup will not be a simple World Cup, the competition will be in my country, the country of soccer… when I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming a professional player. Now half a world away, watching the World Cup without all that energy of Brazilians will be very different… here in Canada I will have the chance to see the rivalry between different nations, different types of fans and how each country expresses his or her love of soccer. Watching every game of the World Cup alongside fans from various countries with all with their cultures, customs and traditions will be incredible. View as Brazilians, Argentinians, Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Canadians rooting for their teams and their faces as games are lost or won.” (Marlon Casagranda, Brazilian student, ELL Centennial College). 

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup at Centennial College, we are reaching out to all international students across the country. We invite you to join in celebrating the FIFA World Cup, by learning to play the game, offering  to share your skills and celebrating with others. 

We would like you to share with us why you love the game! 
In the comments below please tell us:

How will YOU share in the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? 

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