Celebrate World Student Day with Student Center!

An international student experience is something truly amazing. Time and time again, Canadian and international students report to Student Center that their international student experience helped them grown personally, academically, culturally and socially.

Countries who encourage international mobility benefit in three ways:

  • Influx of new ideas and cultural values
  • Imparting knowledge to be shared with the world
  • Returning students’ freshly acquired know-how and global perspectives

On the occasion of World Student Day 2015, led by Languages Canada, Student Center has put together a photo album comprising works from many Canadian students abroad and international students in Canada. Through these photographs, one can share the wonder and dreams that inspire students to pursue international experiences.

Celebrate world student day 2015 and let your imagination lead you on the wondrous path of international education.

Amogh Seth studying in Waterloo, Canada

Christine Bretten studying in Cape Town, South Africa

Clara Walker studying in Rome, Italy

Esther Carmona in the National Yukon Wild Life Preserve

Hanh Le studying in Seoul, Korea

Indira Riadi studying in Toronto, Canada

Joanie Robitaille studying in Warsaw, Poland

Juyeon Jun studying in Vancouver, Canada

Kellie McMullin studying in Galwai, Ireland

Ken Sekiguchi, studying in Paris, France

Kumiko Takeuchi studying on Vancouver Island, Canada

Leticia Mignoni studying in Toronto, Canada

Lingfeng Xu studying in Victoria, Canada

Pedro Velasquez Santos Junior visiting Banff National Park, Canada

Raphael Pantaroto studying in Waterloo, Canada

Raquel Paschoal de Godoy Aviary studying in Toronto, Canada

Reid Williamson studying in India

Sherry Lam studying in Paris, France

Stephanie Matchiwita studying in Adelaide, Australia

Alyssa Best studying in Berlin, Germany

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