Your Guide to Succeed in University : A must-read as you start your Canadian university career

Photo credit: Sarah Jane Silva, University of Toronto Mississauga

This fall almost 200,000 international students will attend a Canadian university. As you arrive to school we would like to share with you an important, free resource: Your Guide to Succeed in University.

We at Student Center believe that one of the reasons Canada is such a great place to study is the vibrant student community. In our work to mobilize information and support for international students like you, we frequently have the honour of working with incredibly professional, supportive and eager students who go out of their way to help fellow classmates. When Aly Madhavji approached us to share a free university guide for students with you, it was yet another example of how incredibly deep the generosity of one student to another can be.

We are pleased to present Aly’s International Award-Winning book – a resource which will help you to start your school year off on the right foot, and a reference that you can use throughout the remainder of your time here in university. Aly, a former student at the University of Toronto gives practical advice for all aspects of university life and imparts his wisdom through personal (and often funny) anecdotes. This advice from someone who has survived (and thrived) in university will help you to reach your university goals academically, socially and professionally. Before you are swamped with textbooks, be sure to spend one more sunny afternoon in a park reading this resource. It could save you time and stress in the long run.

A BIG thank-you to Aly for approaching us to share his work.

If you have questions or comments for Aly please contact him in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @aly_madhavji
Facebook Page:

From all of us at Student Center, we wish you best of luck in your studies this year!!

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