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  • Articulating the Academic in the Study Abroad Experience


    -Amy Jung, York University alumna Ever since my first semester abroad in England, I’ve always been passionate and proud of the study abroad experience. The exciting adventures, the life-long friendships, the endless travels. And in the rush and tumble of stories, I often overlook the academic experiences. But they were exciting. Life-changing. And are worth […]

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  • International Student Experience: The endless opportunities the Great White North has to offer…

    Volunteer Open Day, The Hague University, Netherlands

    - Rumman Ullah Khan, Fanshawe College Getting out from your comfort zone and studying in an alien environment is not an easy thing to do, but it bears the greatest rewards. Ever since I entered post-secondary education, studying abroad has been a dream for me, and the Great White North was always my pick whenever […]

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  • Success is a destination with many different paths- where can we take you?

    Success is a destination

    - Saba Khan, Engagement Coordinator, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants **Sponsored Content** Have you ever considered working internationally within the accounting and finance profession? Whether you are an international student planning on returning home after your studies, or a local student with a desire to travel the world and experience different cultures, the Association for […]

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  • Friends and Acquaintances: Your Year Abroad

    Yeji Lee Eiffel Tower

    - Yeji Lee, University of Toronto, Sciences Po Going abroad is kind of like going through your freshman year of college all over again; everyone is new, everyone is nervous and awkward, and everyone is desperate to find their group of friends – and fast. Sparked by a fear of being left out, you could find […]

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  • Life as a student in Canada. Are you ready?

    Life as a student in Canada. Are you ready?

    Pre-departure checklist Find information about which schools offer the disciplines or programs of study you plan to pursue. CICIC offers a complete list of educational institutions in Canada. See our database to find a Canadian program. Consult the website of each institution to access an application form, for general information about the campus, as well […]

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  • No need to put your studies on hold to travel – you can do both!

    Study and Go Abroad

    -Katie Idle, Recruit in Canada **Sponsored Content** According to a survey carried out by the Harvard Business Review: ‘People who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity … and are more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted’. A great […]

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  • Infographic: Making Sense of Canada’s Education Systems by Province/Territory

    Making Sense of Canada’s Education Systems by Province/Territory

    Interested in studying in Canada? With so many great Canadian schools to choose from, deciding on a college or university can be a daunting task! When choosing a program, keep in mind that pathways from secondary school to post-secondary education can vary depending on the province/territory where you are studying. Thankfully, the Canadian Information Centre […]

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  • Video: Study Abroad in Mexico – UNIVA Guadalajara Summer Program 2015

    Study Abroad in Mexico - UNIVA Guadalajara Summer Program 2015

    A group of teachers-in-training from the University of Regina took part in UNIVA University’s Summer Program in Guadalajara, Mexico. As one participant shared, “This experience has probably been the best experience of my life and I highly recommend it to anyone from any country”. Watch this video to see the highlights of their trip and […]

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  • You CAN study abroad: 5 Myths – BUSTED!

    Mariya Podeyko

    Myth #1 – I can’t afford to study abroad Explore what’s possible. Ask your institution about exchange opportunities so that you aren’t paying international student fees to go abroad and explore what scholarships are available to fund your experience. Visit the CBIE Student Centre Featured Scholarships page to find funding that could help you reach […]

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  • Video: Study Abroad in Canada at Niagara College

    Stephanie Viteri from Ecuador

    What is it like to study abroad in Canada? Stephanie Viteri from Ecuador received an Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship in 2013-2014 and created this video depicting her amazing experience!

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  • Medical emergency while in Canada – Keep your stick on the ice

    Neil Wolf

    -Neil Wolf, McGill University, Faculty of Law As August, and with it Summer 2014, faded away – not unlike a wide-body jetliner climbing and gaining altitude until it shimmers out of visual range after departing off a runway at Chicago O’Hare International Airport – I too felt like I had climbed out of sight when […]

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  • Study Abroad: Plan for the unexpected

    Study Abroad: Plan for the unexpected

    - Yeji Lee, University of Toronto, Sciences Po This coming Thursday marks my 11th week of study here in Paris, France. Recently realizing that nearly half of my exchange program is over, I have begun to think back to all the anxieties, complications, and hiccups that I experienced during my very first week abroad. To […]

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  • #IEW2015 CBIE Photo and Video Contest Winners Announced

    Ashish Kumar Submission 2015 CBIE Photo Contest

    The CBIE Photo and Video Contest Winners are announced! In celebration of #IEW2015 thousands of students viewed and voted on entries from across the country Winning Video: Felix Schiel, University of Lethbridge: How an International Student Became Canadian ‘How I became Canadian’ is a film by Felix Schiel who explains how he has embraced all […]

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  • World VIU Days

    WorldVIU Days Video

    Every year Vancouver Island University celebrates and showcases its international activities with World VIU Days. Watch this video to join VIU in raising awareness and building appreciation for the cultural diversity on its campus.

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  • #IEW2015 Video: I am here to… study in Canada!

    Screen shot of Ember Loh's video

    ‘I am here to… study in Canada!’ shows the various goals and ambitions that international students in Canada set for themselves as they arrive, and highlights their contributions to their diverse campus. Ember from Fraser International College submitted this video as a contestant in 2015 CBIE Video Contest in celebration of #IEW2015. Watch video:

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  • #IEW2015 Video: International education goes beyond the classroom

    Ana Victoria Reyes standing in front of welcome sign at UPEI

    ‘Experience is’ captures the full international student experience in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Coffee, friends, class and missing home are all part of the study-in-Canada experience, showing that international education goes beyond the classroom. This video was submitted by Ana Victoria Reyes from the University of Prince Edward Island for the 2015 CBIE Video contest […]

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  • From student internship to career: North Island College

    NIC student poses for quick photo with internship boss

    Hard work and a North Island College (NIC) internship launched a new career for a Nigerian business student this past summer. Gbemi Falade came to the Comox Valley less than two years ago for NIC’s Global Business Management diploma, thinking she might specialize in human resources. Instead, she discovered a love of accounting. “My internship […]

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  • My International Student Experience at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology

    Jet boating in Montreal with my sister and close friends

    Rubby Nwaluka – UOIT student from Nigeria My name is Rubby Nwaluka from Nigeria, Africa. I am currently doing my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Legal Studies with a minor in Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario. My international student experiences in Canada have been second-to-none and […]

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  • #IEW2015 Video: How an international student becomes Canadian

    Photo of Felix in residence at University of Lethbridge

    ‘How I became Canadian’ is a film by Felix Schiel who explains how he has embraced all facets of Canadian culture while studying as an international student. While studying at University of Lethbridge Felix has fallen in love with hockey, Tim Horton’s and the Canadian sense of humour! Felix shared the video: ‘How an international […]

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  • Photo Exhibit: University of Fraser Valley China Study Tour 2015

    Tourist Dragon Boat at the Summer Palace in Beijing.

    In May 2015 students from the University of Fraser Valley had a cultural learning opportunity of a lifetime, undertaking a study tour of China. Here is the University of Fraser Valley China Study Tour 2015 Photo Exhibit:

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  • #IEW2015 Video: My Life Abroad

    Screen capture of SHelby Jamieson ready to depart for her study abroad experience

    It is common that Canadians who study abroad once catch the bug to go again and again. That could not be more true for one particular Dalhousie University student. Shelby Jamieson’s #IEW2015 Video: My Life Abroad captures the incredible cultural and educational experiences she has had around the world as an international student in India, […]

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  • #IEW2015 at University of Waterloo


    International Education Week (#IEW2015) is celebrated across Canada and the world November 16-20. The University of Waterloo has a jam-packed week of activities for international students to celebrate Canada’s engagement with the world through education. You can try Muay Thai, learn how to do a grant proposal for international research, and partake in a ‘Go […]

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  • My summer scholarship to study abroad in Czech Republic

    Lethbridge College

    -Jolayne Prus, Lethbridge College This last summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in the Czech Republic through a scholarship opportunity. At first I was hesitant, as I had never been overseas before, and I figured the chances of actually getting one of the two scholarship opportunities would be low. However, much to my […]

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  • Experiential learning abroad: Laurier University field courses

    Students travel the world through Laurier University field courses

    Field courses are a great way to add experiential  international learning opportunities to your university education. These courses give you a chance to travel and explore the places and topics you’re studying while earning credit. For International Education Week (#IEW2015), with the help of Wilfrid Laurier University, we would like to feature this special way to […]

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  • Saying goodbye to Canada: My opportunity to advance my field back home

    Mark-Shane Scale

    -Mark-Shane Scale A 2015 survey of international students by CBIE found that 80% of students from Latin America and the Caribbean agree that their Canadian education will help them to support the advancement of their home country. In a few days I must say goodbye to Canada with the opportunity to advance my field of […]

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  • Practical tips for international graduate students in Canada

    Maryam Rahimi

    -Maryam Rahimi It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome all new students to the universities of Canada. This is Maryam, PhD student at University of Manitoba. I have been in Canada since January 2013. Canada, the famous country for multiculturalism is one of the best places for international students. I have practical tips for […]

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  • Canadian student clubs bring innovation to students in Brazil

    Canadian student clubs bring innovation to students in Brazil

    - Paulo Marcos D. Jr. My name is Paulo Marcos and I was a Science Without Borders student at the University of Victoria (UVic), from July 2013 to August 2014. I want to share my experiences and why this scholarship was so important not for just me, but for other Brazilian students as well that […]

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  • 365 Days in Canada – the red spot: Part 3

    Nathália Hipólito Cardozo with Canadian friends and flag on Canada Day

    -Nathália Hipólito Cardozo, University of Prince Edward Island Part 3: One year in Canada Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I’ve lived here in Canada for years-like 10 or 15 years. Sometimes I feel like I’m just here on vacation, I arrived yesterday, you know? And that at any moment I can just […]

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  • Student VIDEO: We Find Ourselves

    We Find Ourselves

    -Akemi Liyanage, Ryerson University Journalism What is it like to be an international student in Canada? This is the fundamental question explored in the video, We Find Ourselves, based on a poem by former Ryerson international student Natasha Gan. The video features three new to Canada students reciting pieces of the poem on what it’s […]

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  • 365 days in Canada- the red spot: Part 2

    Nathalia poses in PEI on a sunny cold day

    -Nathália Hipólito Cardozo, University of Prince Edward Island Part 2: Hello Canada I arrived in town, “Don’t forget what your mother said, no hug, NO kiss only shake hands with them so they don’t think you’re strange. I arrived at the house- HERE IS WHERE I’LL LIVE FOR 16 MONTHS. All of a sudden I […]

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  • International Students Day Toronto: October 17

    International Students Day flyer

    If you’re an international student in the Greater Toronto Area you won’t want to miss the International Students Day Toronto this year on October 17th. Take a break from your studies to enjoy a morning of networking, activities, performances and awards, followed by a professional soccer game at BMO field, where Toronto FC will face […]

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  • Living in a (not so) Foreign Land: Adapting to International Student Life in Toronto

    Christie ed

    -Christie McLean I love airports. They have this sense of a million stories being written, of old and new merging together, tales of beginnings and endings. Can you find a place more filled with emotion than an airport? Hellos and goodbyes, “see-you-soons” and “see-you-I-don’t-know-whens.” Since 2011, the City of Toronto and Greater Toronto Airports Authority […]

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  • 365 days in Canada- the red spot: Part 1

    Nathália Hipólito Cardozo with friends in Canada

    -Nathália Hipólito Cardozo, University of Prince Edward Island Today it is exactly 365 days that, this little person who writes here, is living in Canada! One Year, seriously? I can’t believe it. It went very fast. How many things have happened, how many changes? 365 days in Canada!!!! Part One: The pre-departure I remember like […]

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  • Finding community and belonging as an international student at Brock University

    Oyindamola Azeez on campus

    -Oyindamola Azeez, Brock University I chose to study at Brock University because it is in a quiet and small city with few distractions. As an international student, I thought that was gonna be enough for me but Brock made me see beyond the lights. Not only do I face my studies but I get involved […]

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  • Get that Competitive Edge – Study or Travel Abroad

    Study and Go Abroad Fair

    -Katie Idle, Recruit in Canada **Sponsored Content** According to the Harvard Business Review, people with international experience are more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted. This is one of many great reasons to start planning to study or travel abroad.  Get that competitive edge by studying abroad for a semester, […]

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  • Canada, the place I found myself

    Hsu Ya Wei posing with the Canadian flag in the snow

    -Hsu Ya Wei, Okanagan College My story may be different from most international students. When I came to Canada I had achieved a Bachelor’s degree from Taiwan, and I had not planned on pursuing a Master’s degree here. Instead, I enrolled at Okanagan College in Computer Information System Diploma and I will graduate in 2016. […]

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  • Video: Germany – new horizons for Canadian students

    Germany - new horizons video screenshot. Cyclist biking to school through park

    Happy Oktoberfest! September 19th marks the official opening of Oktoberfest 2015 in Munich, Germany. To celebrate the occasion we wanted to share this video from our friends at the German embassy, showcasing new horizons for Canadian students: “Germany — new horizons” is a short film about six students from around the world who are studying […]

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  • Your Guide to Succeed in University : A must-read as you start your Canadian university career

    Aly Madhavji posing with his book: Your guide to succeed in university

    Photo credit: Sarah Jane Silva, University of Toronto Mississauga This fall almost 200,000 international students will attend a Canadian university. As you arrive to school we would like to share with you an important, free resource: Your Guide to Succeed in University. We at CBIE believe that one of the reasons Canada is such a great place […]

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  • Three questions to ask yourself before deciding to study in Canada

    Jungfang celebrating Canada Day in Halifax with friends

    -Junfang Fu Time is flying by as the earth rotates and the Canadian seasons change. Finally the long winter went away; people welcomed the short spring and are now celebrating the summer sunshine in Atlantic Canada before the golden autumn steps nearer. It has been almost eight months since I came to this amazing city […]

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  • 4 Pieces of advice for studying in Canada: A new way of seeing the world

    Leibe posing with a snowman

    -Leibe Oliveira Gabriel Studying in Canada was the greatest experience I have ever accomplished in my academic career. It was my first international travel outside of my own country of Brazil. Canada offers great institutions with qualified professionals to help international students go through the learning process. Furthermore, its culture and biodiversity are incredibly interesting. […]

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  • How to be a mature student abroad and survive school

    Jéssica on graduation day at Okanagan College

    -Jéssica Madinabeitia As a mature international student from Mexico studying at Okanagan College (45 years old when I started my Business Administration Post-Diploma Certificate with a Hospitality & Tourism specialty at Okanagan College in Kelowna, B.C.) I faced some challenges, not just because I was from another country and English wasn’t my first language but, […]

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  • My experience in Canada: From the classroom to industry placement

    Airton Oliveira Lopes de Sena posing with his VALE Dragon Boat team

    -Airton Oliveira Lopes de Sena If I had to choose a word to define my experience in Canada so far I would say with no second thoughts: fantastic. When I got here I was welcomed by a Canadian family and I stayed with them for the first couple of months. Personally, it was an enriching […]

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  • Top reasons to study in Germany: Launch of the SO GERMAN campaign

    So German campaign shot of older city in Germany

    -Sandra Hofmann, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany “Made in Germany” is a cachet of worldwide standing.  This is not only true for cars (or beer) but also for education! Global experience is valued by employers worldwide – and this is only one of the reasons that Germany is a prime destination for international students […]

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  • 5 tips to have an international experience during college

    NSCC study abroad pre-departure conference

    -Katie Orr, Nova Scotia Community College How can I fit an international experience into my two year college diploma? More and more Canadian college students in two year diploma programs are understanding the value of adding an international experience to their portfolio.  But how can a college student fit this in to an already jam-packed […]

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  • Adapting to Canadian Culture as an International Student

    Dana Al Radhan video screenshot as she discusses adapting to Canadian culture as an international student

    In this fun video Dana Al Radhan shares a few of her personal anecdotes on here experience adapting to Canadian culture as an international student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dana discusses the following topics in her video: 1) Living scent-free in Canada 2) Respecting differences 3) Appreciating nature (she even became a […]

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  • And the winner of the 2015 Canadian internship photo contest is…

    Andrei Medeiros posing at his internship with Nestlé

    Andrei Medeiros Cirne! Congratulations to Andrei who won first prize in CBIE’s 2015 Ciência sem Fronteiras Best Canadian Internship Photo Contest! The contest ran from June 12 to July 1st 2015. All students who are completing an internship as part of their Ciência sem Fronteiras scholarship (from Brazil) were invited to make a submission. We thank everyone who participated. […]

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  • Video: An Australian Exchange Student in Canada

    Carla Reid video screenshot as she explains her experience in Canada

    In this video, Carla Reid tells the story of how her time as an Australian exchange student in Canada was a great experience, forever transforming her outlook on life, especially her career path, which lies in the media industry. Going on exchange has helped Carla grow her professional network and learn how to be independent, […]

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  • Video: Eight facts about Canada

    Eight facts about Canada

    We thought it was time to share a video about Canada as a country – our geography, climate and culture.  Eight facts about Canada: 1) Canada is the second largest country in the world – this means you will have plenty of great outdoors to explore and enjoy. 2) Canada is one of the most […]

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  • Vote NOW: The best Canadian internship photo contest!

    Juliana Muniz stands in her medical lab holding a beaker that reflects the City of Toronto

    CBIE is running a photo contest among students from the Ciência sem Fronteiras program who are currently completing a Canadian internship. The submission period is now over and the following thirteen submissions have been shortlisted. Help us to choose a winner! The photo with the most votes will win $150 CDN in the form of […]

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  • Watch: Canadian student street art in Valparaíso, Chile

    Canadian student street art in Valparaíso

    In 2013 Canadian student Mike Lukowski from Kwantlen Polytechnic University travelled to Valparaíso – one of the most colourful, artistic cities in South America. Here is the video of Mike creating Canadian student street art in Valparaíso – a great example of international education collaboration and opportunity!    

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  • Celebrate World Student Day 2015 with CBIE!

    Kumiko Takeuchi hiking the west coast trail

    An international student experience is something truly amazing. Time and time again, Canadian and international students report to CBIE that their international student experience helped them grown personally, academically, culturally and socially. Countries who encourage international mobility benefit in three ways: Influx of new ideas and cultural values Imparting knowledge to be shared with the […]

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  • 5 Tips on being an International Student in Canada: A story of a challenging and rewarding experience

    Gabriela and friends in front of the Niagara Falls

    -Gabriela Lima, CAPES funded student with the Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship Program It has been 4 months since I got back from Canada, and I feel like I’ve lived a quick dream, it doesn’t seem like I spent 16 months living abroad. Time flies by! It may not seem like this, but it is the truth. […]

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  • You’ve been accepted! Now how do you get to the United States… EducationUSA Canada Series Part 3

    Canadian students in the US pose in a group shot

    Feature Photo Credit: SDSU Enrollment Services -Jenika Heim, EducationUSA Advisor in Canada Once you have been admitted to a U.S. school (Hooray!), how do you get to the United States? You should speak with the international student office at your university. They will be able to help with many of the particulars when it comes […]

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  • Basic Application Requirements for universities in the United States: EducationUSA Canada Series Part 2

    Hockey team from Oklahoma celebrating a win

    Feature Photo Credit: University of Central Oklahoma -Jenika Heim, EducationUSA Advisor in Canada Because U.S. universities are focused on a “holistic approach” to admissions, they ask for more information (test scores, letters, writing samples) than Canadian universities do. This throws students off who have waited until Grade 12 to think about applications and then find […]

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  • An introduction to higher education in the United States: EducationUSA Canada Series Part 1

    The law building on a private university campus

    Feature photo credit: Pace Law School -Jenika Heim, EducationUSA Advisor in Canada In 2013-14, 28,304 Canadians studied in the United States (, making Canada the 5th largest sender of students to the U.S. The United States is a very popular study destination for a variety of reasons, including, the reputation of world renowned universities, scholarships (especially […]

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  • It is not all Greek to me anymore: Tips for studying another language

    Camilo Moreira with ESL classmates

    -Camilo Moreira – CAPES funded student with the Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without borders) Scholarship Program No, I don’t speak Greek, but it may have seemed like that when I first started learning English! I can assure you that my English has greatly improved since my first day in Canada when someone first said this idiom […]

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  • 4 Reasons Living in Canada and Studying at Brock University Feels Like Home

    Yuri Brandão.

    -Yuri Brandão – CAPES funded student with the Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science without borders) Scholarship Program Living in Canada and studying at Brock University was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had for several reasons. First of all, this is a country where you can feel like you’re home even when you’re not. Looking back, […]

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  • Why study in Canada? Here is what international students told us…

    top things about Canada

    Why study in Canada? In 2014 as part of the CBIE International Student Survey, 1000 international students told us the reasons that they chose Canada. Here is what they said: #12 Financial support Students told us that the cost to study in Canada is low compared with some other countries, and that scholarships from their […]

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  • Tool: Plan your Canadian college budget

    CSA Budget Tool: Parent's contributions, monthly expenses

    In 2013, more than 75,000 International Students were studying in Canadian colleges and institutes (source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada).  In the 2014 CBIE International Student Survey, 46% of international college students indicated that they were very concerned about paying for accommodation during their studies, while 37% felt very concerned about being able to meet basic […]

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  • 7 Costs to include in your Canadian College Student Budget

    College Student Alliance Money Sign

    In 2013, more than 75,000 International Students were studying in Canadian colleges and institutes (source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada).  In the 2014 CBIE International Student Survey, 46% of international college students indicated that they were very concerned about paying for accommodation during their studies, while 37% felt very concerned about being able to meet basic […]

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  • Study in Canada: China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET) 2015

    Students posing together on staircase at Douglas College

    In 2013 almost 100,000 students from China were pursuing their studies in Canada. If you are in China and considering study in Canada, you might want to attend the China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET). “The most positive thing about studying in Canada is that we don’t just study our textbooks, but we receive a […]

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  • 10 steps to prepare for studying abroad

    Joanita N. Muwanga on the Great Wall of China: CBIE Student Photo Contest Entry

    -Suriani Dzulkifli Here are my recommended 10 steps to prepare for studying abroad! 10. Be informed and resourceful while studying abroad One way to keep yourself informed and resourceful is to engage with the international office at your home institution. They will provide you with answers to the questions that you may come across while […]

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  • How Canadian are you, eh? Test your knowledge of Canada

    Alessandra de Souza: CBIE Student Photo Contest Entry

    Pop quiz! How is maple syrup made? What is Canadian football? How did Canada get its name? This is very important information to know in order to consider yourself a Canadian! Citizenship and Immigration Canada has prepared a fun quiz for you to test your knowledge of Canada. If you are coming to Canada, here […]

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  • Are you interested in Japan? Don’t miss the International Studies Symposium at York University

    Students with Japanese consul representatives

    -Vanessa Pukal What is the International Studies Symposium? The Annual International Studies Symposium is a project entirely conceived and managed by students at Glendon College, York University. It was initiated during the 1995-1996 academic year by a group of highly motivated students, eager to deepen their knowledge and experience of foreign countries or regions and […]

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  • Infographic: Her Experience – International Student Women in Canada

    Facts about International student women in Canada for International Womens Day

    -Melissa Nisbett CBIE believes in equal access for education for women and girls around the world. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we sifted through the data from our 2014 International Student Survey to highlight the experience of women international students in Canada. Here’s what we found: 48% of post-secondary international students in […]

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  • What does mental health mean to you?

    Two students laughing together in a video clip about the speaking your language project

    -Adela Zyfi Being an international student means many things. It means opening your eyes to a new language, culture, education, and people. It means diversifying yourself and your outlook on life. It means gaining valuable and irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But it also means facing some very unique struggles, which bring a whole lot of stress […]

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  • The return home: From Canada to Brazil

    Brazilian students in the Canadian winter posing with their flag

    By Thiago Valentin It’s time to pack all of our stuff and get a flight back to our home country (in my case, from Canada to Brazil). Then we realize that we are about to leave Canada for real. How should we feel? Leaving our country, family and friends to spend one year abroad is […]

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  • Finance and budgeting: The value and cost to study in Canada

    Table showing the cost to study in Canada compared with other countries

    Many international students consider top study destinations such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada with two main questions: 1) How much will it cost? 2) What value will my education have in the job-market? To help answer these questions, the following post will provide the latest information on the value and […]

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  • Four reasons (and seasons) to live and study in Calgary

    Bridge across a river in the modern city of Calgary

    By Thiago Valentin I had the fortune to study as a student of the Ciência sem Fronteiras program at the University of Calgary. I have lived in this amazing city for one year and I just feel that it is impossible to pick the best feature, because the list is endless. To live and study in […]

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  • Explore study abroad options this spring across Canada

    Canadian students circulating at fair to explore study abroad options

    The CBIE Student Centre team is excited to be hosting a booth at the February 27th Study And Go Abroad Fair in Ottawa. Drop by our booth to learn about scholarship opportunities and study abroad options that are available to Canadians in a range of programs and destinations. The Study And Go Abroad Fairs are […]

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  • International Student Services: You cannot afford to miss it

    York International Peer Program Student posing together

    By: Cindy Ou, York University Honestly speaking, it never occurred to me that I need to get involved in York International (our International Student Services office) until I actually did. I am an international student from China who first landed in Canada a year ago. I remembered it was at the 2014 CBIE conference where […]

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  • Scholarship for your PhD in the UK: Apply Now

    PhD Commonwealth Scholarship Webpage

    The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom is inviting Canadians (and citizens of other developed Commonwealth countries) to apply for a unique PhD scholarship opportunity in the United Kingdom. How it works:  According to the Commission, Canadians can pursue their PhD in its entirety in the United Kingdom, or explore a split-site option for […]

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  • Are you returning from Germany? Be an ambassador for DAAD!

    Monument in Berlin

    Are you studying in Germany? Recently returned? Be an ambassador for DAAD! If you are eager to tell others about your experience (and relive all of the best moments), you may want to consider applying for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Ambassador Program. According to the DAAD, 30 Young Ambassadors are selected every year […]

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  • Resource: International students and income tax

    Campus scene - International students and income tax

    Are you working in Canada as an international student? Are you a scholarship recipient? Now that 2014 is over, you may need to file a Canadian income tax return. Thankfully, the Canada Revenue Agency has developed a series of videos to answer common income tax questions for international students. Here is the first video of […]

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  • Be social as an international student at Simon Fraser University

    Student Studying in Library

    They say that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.  As young people, we always believe we are fearless and can virtually achieve everything and anything.  In as much as this phrase is true, it does have its shortcomings. Coming into a new environment, we have dreams of making new friends and […]

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  • Snapshot: International students in Canada

    international students in Canada, by region

    Is it your new year’s resolution to study in Canada? Will you study in a university, college or secondary school? Where will you study? Where do international students in Canada come from? To answer these questions, we have developed a snapshot of international students in Canada. Canada is the world’s 7th most popular destination for international […]

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  • Infographic: 7 Great reasons to study abroad this year

    Seven reasons to go abroad as a Canadian student

    Great reasons to study abroad this year We asked Canadian study-abroad alumni about the long-term value of their overseas experiences. Here are the 7 great reasons to study abroad they gave: Interested in going abroad? Scholarships are available. What is your greatest reason to pursue education abroad this year? This infographic appeard in the Fall […]

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  • Study in Ontario? Call Good2Talk: Someone is listening

    Good 2 Talk Logo

    Arriving at a new school is all about change:  new classes, new friends, and new textbooks to buy. While a seasoned fourth year student might already know where to find the best coffee and secret study locations on campus, they have their own concerns as the fall semester takes hold: balancing extra-curriculars, maintaining scholarships, and […]

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  • 2014 CBIE Photo Contest Winner Announced

    Eisa Alhabib with schoolchildren: CBIE Student Photo Contest Entry

    Congratulations Eisa Alhabib from the University of Calgary who has taken first prize in both the photo and video categories for the CBIE Photo Contest! See his entries below. This global contest saw entries and votes from all corners of the world, including delegates from the CBIE Annual Conference in Ottawa and other countries such as Romania, […]

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  • Vote NOW: CBIE Photo Contest

    Joanita N. Muwanga on the Great Wall of China: CBIE Student Photo Contest Entry

    In celebration of International Education Week (#IEW), the CBIE Photo Contest is now open! Vote NOW! The following ten finalists have been chosen and the photo with the most votes will be selected and awarded 250CAD on November 21, 2014. Good luck to all finalists!! 1) Read through the photos and captions below 2) Vote […]

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  • Are you studying an international field? Three reasons why you should go abroad

    International University of Japan

    Arigato gozaimas. Thank you. This was one of the first  phrases I heard in my initial foray to a non-Western country in my final year of grad school, as I took up a life-changing opportunity to study in Japan. I was completing a Master’s degree in International Affairs at Carleton (NPSIA) and had somehow completed […]

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  • Scholarship Opportunity in China: My gateway to the Chinese business world

    Scholarship opportunity in China: Zhongda Auditorium

    My gateway to the Chinese business world opened thanks to the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program (CCSEP) scholarship opportunity in China. Dr. Louis Guay, my supervisor from Université Laval, encouraged me to become an exchange student in order to broaden my scope in the field of study. I chose the CCSEP because it provides established extensive […]

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  • Study Break: Top 5 activities in Thunder Bay for Confederation College students

    International Students in Thunder Bay

    When I decided to study at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, I wasn’t sure what to expect about the city itself however, since I moved here I have become a big fan of Thunder Bay. Perhaps, it is the best Canadian city for outdoor activities as it offers both a taste of wilderness and city […]

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  • Funding your studies in Canada: What you need to know about tuition, living expenses and other fees

    Students on a Field trip to Intercity Industrial, Thunder Bay

    I had many different reasons for choosing to study in Canada. For me a Canadian education signified adventure and a step towards achieving long-term career goals. Furthermore, in Canada I knew that I would meet international students from all over the world, and have the opportunity to develop my own personality. While the benefits to […]

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  • Enter to win $250! 2014 CBIE Photo and Video Contest

    Ryan Thomas Woods from Queen's University in Belfast - CBIE Photo Contest Entry

    Tell your story and enter to win $250 through the 2014 CBIE Photo and Video contest! The Canadian Bureau for International Education would like you to send in a photo or video that represents your  international education story! Deadline to enter your photo or video: October 13, 2014. Details on the contest are available here. […]

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  • Studying at Simon Fraser University? Tips on how to feel part of the community

    Simon Fraser University campus in beautiful forest and river setting, British Columbia Canada

      Community engagement is a crucial part of a student’s success because it gives an individual the opportunity to get involved, and this connection helps students in many ways, both mentally and physically. Back in my home country, I seized every chance I had to get involved with activities around my community; this has really […]

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  • Adjusting to student residence life abroad

    Canadian students posing on the street in the UK

    Student residence is a world unto itself. If you’re like me and had never lived in a residence hall before you went abroad, it can be both terrifying and exciting. I’m only in my second year of University, but during my first year I lived in an apartment with a secondary school friend. That meant, […]

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