What can you study?

Post-secondary institutions In Canada, post-secondary institutions are divided into two major types. The university provides academic and professional training, and research leading to degrees (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD, etc.). Read More

Apply to study

Canada is a huge country of diverse peoples, lifestyles, and landscapes. It offers a multiplicity of top quality education programs of interest to international students. Check this out! What can Read More

Join these distinguished alumni

Many Canadians have decided to make study abroad part of their university career. Take a look at some of these study abroad alumni to see how the international experience had Read More


  One of the obvious reasons to study abroad is to take advantage of the opportunity of being able to travel. Check out some of these places that Canadian students Read More

Adopt a worldview

International exchanges are transformative experiences. They build worldviews and enhance students’ understanding of their own country’s place in the world. Increasingly educational institutions see providing international learning to their students Read More

Study abroad up to one year

If you are looking to enhance your university career, going for an exchange or a study abroad program would be a great idea! The easiest way for you to be Read More

International internships

Getting work experience abroad can enhance your professional journey. Most Canadian universities have an international internship program for their students. If this is something that interests you, approach the international Read More

International co-op opportunities

  Co-op abroad There are a lot of international co-op opportunities out there that you may not be aware of. You can find some of the international co-op opportunities here! Read More