Video: Eight facts about Canada

We thought it was time to share a video about Canada as a country – our geography, climate and culture.

 Eight facts about Canada:

1) Canada is the second largest country in the world – this means you will have plenty of great outdoors to explore and enjoy.

2) Canada is one of the most northern countries in the world – if you enjoy (or are curious about) winter sports, you can definitely take advantage of the climate to go snowboarding, skiing, skating and more.

3) Canada is on the same latitude as Europe – this means that not only does Canada have a cold winter, we also have a hot summer and beautiful, cool, spring and fall. Our four seasons are beautiful and definitely something you don’t want to miss.

4) Canada spans 5000KM from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans and the Arctic ocean in the north – Canada offers fresh air, lush forests and beautiful wildlife for you to discover.

5) Canada is a multicultural country with a reputation for being open-minded and welcoming – It is common for Canadians to share their cultural heritage, traditions and celebrations with one another.

6) 80% of Canadians live in an urban environment – Canada’s cities offer endless options for cultural experiences and entertainment.

7) Canada has a high standard of living – this makes it easy and safe to travel and study.

8) Canada is waiting for you! Our directories of Canadian universities, colleges and school boards may help you to decide where you might like to study.

Would you prefer to watch this video in Arabic? Here it is:



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