Facts about Canada

The national anthem, “O Canada”, was proclaimed on July 1,1980   Canada has six time zones! We also observe daylight savings time, which means that we set our clocks back Read More

How can I pay for this?

In Student Center’s flagship report “A World of Learning”, students were asked to state the top three financial supports that are currently helping them pay for their education. According to Read More

How to fund your Canadian studies

As an international student you will need to budget for more than just tuition. This can be an overwhelming task. Your cost of living, which includes rent, transportation, food, utilities, Read More

Explore Canada

In this section you will find facts about Canada that are both fun and informative. Also, you can test your knowledge about Canada by trying a variety of quizzes. You Read More

Study/work permit information

Study permit After being accepted by an institution for a program of study in Canada, the student should apply for a study permit at the nearest Canadian diplomatic mission. For Read More

Pre-departure checklist

Life as a student in Canada. Are you ready?   1. Find information about which schools offer the disciplines or programs of study you plan to pursue. CICIC offers a complete list of Read More

Need help? Student Center is here!

Becoming an international student can be a complicated and time consuming venture. There are forms to be filled out, deadlines to be met, and expectations to be fulfilled. Student Center Read More

What can you study?

Post-secondary institutions In Canada, post-secondary institutions are divided into two major types. The university provides academic and professional training, and research leading to degrees (BA, BSc, MA, MSc, PhD, etc.). Read More

Apply to study

Canada is a huge country of diverse peoples, lifestyles, and landscapes. It offers a multiplicity of top quality education programs of interest to international students. Check this out! What can Read More